Why support the referenda?

Renewal of the 2015 operating referendum at exact same rate AND Construction and facilities referendum required to accommodate growth.?

  • Maintain Class Sizes
  • Today, 1/3 of all teachers are paid for with referendum dollars.
  • More instructional space and teachers are needed by 2022 to meet the growing student population. 
  • Class size matters, teachers matter, curriculum matters.
  • Protect Property Values
  • Strong schools directly affect home values.
  • No kids in school? Your home values are directly tied to the strength of our school district. Excellent school reputation increases home values and provides foundation for a strong, vibrant community. 
  • Home values are 2 ½ times greater in high scoring school districts than low-scoring. (source:  Brookings Institute).
  • Sustain Competitive Schools
  • Attracting and retaining good teachers who can teach challenging curricula, is vital to preparing our students to meet the competitive standards they face now and in the future.
  • We need to maintain STEM, specialty teachers (science, math, reading, art, music) in elementary, hands on labs, and other challenging classes in high school.
  • Safeguard Students and Teachers
  • School Resource Officers help keep our students safe but additional and well planned facility space keep our schools a safe environment to learn.
  • The high school, constructed in 1977, has one main hallway and was not designed to house and transition the current or expected student population.

Keeping ZCS strong, keeps property values strong.

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referendums here.

  • Tax Bill Effects (as projected by ZCS)—
  • 3% Property (commercial):  All bills projected to decrease a bit.
  • 2% Property (i.e. agriculture): Mixed. Depends on location and individual property assessed valuation.
  • 1% Property (home owners):  Mixed. Depends on location and individual home assess valuation.
Select the calculator to see how the referenda will effect you

In simple terms:  Commercial property is likely to decrease some. Agricultural land is mixed, some will go up and others down depending on location. Finally, most homeowners will see their bills go up some slightly and a few may even see a decrease. The state of Indiana is required to have a calculator to help Hoosiers determine the expected affect to their tax rate.