Zionsville Community Schools are growing.
Over 200 new students are expected annually over the next 10 years (Indiana Business Resource Center).
Growth requires more space and teachers. 

Did you know?   One-third of all teachers are paid with the 2015 operating referendum. These funds allow schools to continue STEM programs, hands on labs and advanced placement courses in high school. In elementary schools, we’ve been able to maintain specialty teachers such as science, math, reading, art, music. Had the 2015 referendum not passed, the ZCS would have only been able to fund the basic core state required curriculum.

Did you know?  Today, two elementary schools and the high school are at capacity. Already approved development by the town will further strain these our schools without additional space. 

If we do nothing, ZCS will have multiple school redistricting over multiple years creating stress for the school system and the students.  Module buildings (trailers) will be on school campus to meet needs. Class sizes will explode.  History shows this to be an accurate picture—think back to 2010-11 when the 2010 referendum failed. 

Did you know?  Strong schools directly affect home values.  Zionsville Yes is a community organized PAC developed to help address growth of our community and schools and its effect on home values. Overcrowded classes hurt our schools and fall short of community metrics for class size. Home values suffer when homebuyers believe a community does not support schools. 

Two public questions, called referendums, will be on the November 2019 ballot at the polls.  See “Frequently Asked Questions” here.

  • The construction referendum will provide funding for a new elementary school, expansion and modifications of the high school, and modifications or upgrades to all other schools, and minor transportation changes. See more details here.
  • The operating referendum will provide funding to ensure class sizes remain within established class size metrics and provide funding for teachers and classroom support personnel. See more details here. Today, 1/3 of all teachers are paid for by the referendum.

Maintain Class size

  • 200 new students annually are beginning to place a strain on our schools and without additional space and teachers, overcrowded classes will be the norm. Today, 1/3 of all teachers are paid for with referendum dollars.  Failing to extend the operating referendum would result in termination of more than one-third of the teachers. 
  • More instructional space is also needed to meet the growing student population.  A new elementary school, expansion of the high school and modifications of all other schools will meet our community needs. 

Protect Property Values

  • Reputation of excellent schools increases the value of homes and provides the foundation for a strong, vibrant community.  Strong schools directly affect home values.
  • Home values are 2 ½ times greater in high scoring school districts than low-scoring.  (source:  Brooking Institute). Class size matters, teachers matter, curriculum matters

Sustain Competitive Schools

  • Class sizes in many of our schools are becoming too large.
  • Challenging curriculum, attracting and retaining good teachers, maintaining competitive standards, preparing students for their future—all provide foundation for a strong community which help increase home values and attract businesses.

Safeguard Students and Teachers

  • School resource officers help keep our students safe.  Additional and well planned facility space keep our schools a safe environment for learning. 
  • The high school, constructed in 1977, has one main hallway and was not designed to house the current, nor expected, student population.

Learn more about the ZCS plan here (link to: